“The EU New Member States as Agenda Setters in the Enlarged European Union”

The project aims at creating a picture of the coalition potential among new member states on certain policy areas thus fostering the relationship between think-tanks and decision-makers in these countries, increasing their capacity to work together and to deal with issues and challenges that are similar. More about this project

“The Unfinished Business of the Fifth Enlargement Countries”

The project aims at:

1. Identification of existing and/or potential post accession “problem areas” in the 10 new member states from CEE political development and governance, economic development, welfare system and social inclusion, health system, educational system, justice and home affairs, migration, research and innovation, agriculture and rural development, regional development, level of EU funds absorption and their correlating impact.
2. Identification of the existing membership leverage for post accession problem solving in each policy area.
3. Defining common policy trends in the development of the new member states (NMS) from CEE in the post accession period, including specific problems that must be addressed and the corresponding drivers of reforms.

More about this project

"Economic and Political Challenges of Acceding to the Euro area in the post-Lehman Brothers’ World"

The project aims at outlining the optimal conditions for Euro area enlargement to the CEE new members. This will include exploring options for changing the "rules of the game" – i.e. Euro area entry and performance requirements as well as procedures – in order to better address the CEE economic and social needs while ensuring long term economic stability of the Euro area. More about the project “The Economic and Political Challenges of Acceding to the Euroarea”. More about this project



2008 European Policies Initiative

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